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About Our Belize Lodge

Discover the rustic charm and cozy comfort that awaits you at Tobacco Caye, belize.

Windward Lodge is a Belizean-owned and run lodge that has been in the Bradley family since 1988 (read history). While you are here you can indulge in incredible seafood meals served daily, powered by 24/7 solar energy for a sustainable and uninterrupted experience. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure for an UnBelizeable time!

Our three duplex cabanas faces the east of Tobacco Caye, granting you unparalleled ocean views right from your private veranda. Lounge in your personal hammock, sipping coffee or tea as the sunrise paints the sky. These cabanas are strategically positioned to catch the refreshing sea breeze — you may even need to cozy up with a blanket.

Spend your days snorkeling the nearby reefs or join one of our guided snorkel tours. Explore the island by kayak or paddle board, or simply unwind with a good book or a siesta in our hammocks and lounge chairs beneath the large shaded open area in front of the cabanas. The choices are boundless!

As the day winds down, relish the breathtaking sunsets with an ice-cold Belikin beer or savor one of our bartender’s signature drinks at our Sunset Bar.


Windward Lodge is located on the beautiful Island of Tobacco Caye, just a stone’s throw away from Belize’s spectacular Barrier Reef. The property encompasses roughly a quarter of the island, extending from one side to the other. This unique layout offers the best of both worlds: awe-inspiring sunrises over the reef on one side and captivating sunset vistas from the bar and dock on the west side.

Getting to Windward Lodge
The Windward Lodge, Tobacco Caye Belize

We offer comfortable Ocean View rooms with hot and cold showers. Our rooms are fitted with blankets and comforters in case the Caribbean Tradewinds are too much for you at night. However, if you are feeling warm, you can turn on the standing fan. Beach towels, bath linens, and mini shampoos, conditioner, bath soaps are provided daily. Purified drinking water is available in our dining room and in your rooms. We recommend that you bring along a reusable water bottle BUT if you forget, you can always purchase one in our gift shop.


Our chefs have decades of culinary experience in local and international cuisines. We serve five-star meals –  beautifully presented and equally delicious! Our team sources fresh seafood from local fishermen and fresh organic produce from local farmers inland. With your meals, you can enjoy fresh fruit juices, water, coffee/tea and decadent desserts at dinner time.

Belize Island Dining
The Windward Lodge, Tobacco Caye Belize
Go Green!

Being environmentally friendly is at the forefront of our lodge. We use solar power and collect rainwater during the rainy season. When staying with us, you can play your part in helping the environment by reducing your power consumption. This includes turning off fans, lights and plugging out chargers when not in use. We do not generate enough electricity to allow the use of heavy appliances such as hair dryers, irons, air conditioning, etc. Therefore, please refrain from plugging these items in.

You can also bring reusable items (bags, water bottles, etc.) to reduce the amount of waste being left on the island. Let’s protect the Barrier Reef!

Visit Tobacco Caye Marine Station to see what they’re doing to help the environment:

Gift Shop

Explore our on-site gift shop and tour desk, stocked with an assortment of souvenirs and snacks. This is your go-to spot for booking exciting tours or a massage and accessing complimentary snorkeling gear, life jackets, paddle boards, and kayaks.

The Windward Lodge, Tobacco Caye Belize
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"This is where Belizeans come to snorkel, fish and relax. You meet people from all over the world and each night, people linger over their dinner exchanging travel information and sharing their worldly views. It is experiencing Belize the way the Belizeans do and after all, isn't that why we travel to different lands?"
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